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Hy, Ladys & Gents It’s NEW! As many requests came from members they would like to send a pizza online! and would make someone so happy send a Pizza Donation to a V.I.P Member´s or Staff on Samcro.Fr.
Make a Pizza Donation per PayPal Simply write the Nickname or the name where he registered on Website or mail-adress the mail adress from the member must be current of the Member in the line ( Purpose – line ) on PayPal. Totaly simply can a twelve-year-old schoolgirl.
If you do not know the mail Adress of the Member ask the Member! at a Free Pizza! do you have not Problem ;) please make yourself a reminder we will send the Value! Not the Pizza

** Only V.I.P Members and Staff on ** Please note. The mail adress must be correct and up to date.

*** if you want to send a pizza donation to our Staff you do not need to give a name we will share it ***

Donate Securely with PayPal

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A Small Normal Pizza $12 (Reminder, including Charge & delivery!)

A Large Pizza $25 (Reminder, including Charge & delivery!)


A XLarge Pizza Family $51 (Reminder, including Charge & delivery!)



* if you want to send a pizza donation to our Staff,
just leave the field empty. Thank you

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